About Brian & Astrid

Sales Representatives

Team D’Costa has been built on Relationships not transactions. We go the extra mile wherever possible, with no pressure – you set your own pace when buying or selling your home. Team D'Costa measures success by a different metric- ‘SATISFACTION and REFERRALS’.

Buy, Sell or Invest in a Home - there are more than 70,0000 Realtors served by the Toronto Real Estate board. 


Most realtors are lured by the prospect of quick returns and might hold day jobs irrelevant to real estate; their goal is simply to sell or find you a home ASAP, transactions being their number one intention. Quantity over quality!


Team D’Costa has been built on relationships, not transactions. We have invested, learned, and grown with our whole heart and soul in the real estate industry. We guaranty a team effort that involves both husband Brian and wife Astrid, striving together to bring value to every relationship and transaction!


We go the extra mile wherever possible, with no pressure – you set your own pace when buying or selling your home.


Our success in this highly competitive dog-eat-dog world of the real estate business comes from our approach. Building on the relationship with every client, based on honesty and transparency, not just till the deal is done, but a lifetime commitment. The ultimate goal is to build a strong and ongoing connection with our clients.


While many realtors measure success in terms of quick transactions and fat commissions, Team D’Costa measures theirs by a different metric- ‘SATISFACTION and REFERRALS’. The total satisfaction experienced by our clients as we guide them through the often nerve-wracking and emotionally wrenching experience of selling and buying a home and then spreading the word which brings us referrals. A referral is the highest form of compliment anyone could receive and that’s the FOUNDATION of our successful business.


“Working by referrals is a bold choice we’ve made- based on the belief that growth is more rewarding when it’s well earned,” says Brian. 



  • One-Year Guarantee on the home you buy* - all the reassurance you need to sign on the dotted line 
  • The right insight timely updates that keep you in sync with actual market trends, not hearsay from media reports, which are often skewed to heighten drama.
  • Value wise – track the growing value of your home and know what it takes to maintain and enhance its resale value, from tips on overall maintenance to specific upgrades.
  • Pro efficient – tap into a pool of preferred professionals related to real estate and beyond. Brian knows just the folks you can rely on: Lawyers, Mortgage Professionals, home inspectors, Financial Planners, Tax Advisors, Handymen, Roofers, Window installers, Plumbing/Electrical/HVAC specialists, to name a few.
  • Always there for you – before, during and after the closing, expect TEAM DCOSTA to keep sending updates and tips, call occasionally or drop in, just to check if you need anything.


Whether you are a home buyer or seller, homemaker or investor, working with TEAM DCOSTA makes the process easier, because we do the heavy lifting and are available 24/7 if needed. Even if you are not in the market for a home today, call TEAM DCOSTA and meet your new best friends!  We would be glad to change the way you see real estate. Call Us Today!

Tel : 647.233.7300 or Email : teamdcosta@gmail.com.

No fee to sell Primary home if dissatisfied within the first year.